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Bardini Garden

There are three 'starter' Images, which together encapsulate important elements of the visual pattern of Italian Renaissance gardens; verticality, visitor programme and punctuation.
1 Steps
2 Alcove
3 Incline


Top terrace with figures


Incline- to deviate or cause to deviate from a particular plane; to be disposed or cause to be disposed towards some attitude or to do something.

Alcove- Any recessed usually vaulted area as in a garden wall. Any covered or secluded spot, such as a summerhouse. (from Arabic al-quibbah the vault, arch)


Nur-Jahans Garden of Delight, now called Shah-Dara, lies across the Ravi, five miles north of Lahore. The road from the city runs past the fort and Aurungzebs huge Badshahi Masjid (Imperial Mosque)-the only great mosque in India with a garden courtyard,-and on through a dense cool woodland, out to where the picturesque bridge of boats spans the wide sandy bed of the river. On the far side scattered plantations and groups of wild palms mark the sites of many ruined pleasure-grounds between the water and the high walls of the old royal garden. It was here in the Dilkusha Bagh that Jahangir was buried, in spite of his dying request to be taken back to Verinag, the favourite Kashmir spring where he and Nur-Jahan had spent so many happy summers.
The gardens are entered, like those of the Taj, through a serai courtyard. This in itself is a very fine building, a great square with high gateways and a series of arched alcoves opening on to a wide terrace running all round the walls. These recesses formed convenient quarters for the guards and numerous servants when the Court paid a passing visit to the gardens; and at other times afforded a halting-place for wayfarers and pilgrims from the north arriving after the city gates across the river had been closed.